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Living Word Academy

School Policies


Referrals are written observations by the staff of good or bad behavior by a high school student. The referrals are collected by each student’s homeroom teacher, who then will report to the student’s parents or guardians about the student’s character development. Reports will usually take place at five week or ten week intervals.


A written excuse signed by a parent or guardian must be presented at the ­office when a student returns to the ­Academy after an absence. If the ­absence is foreseeable, a note should be sent in advance. Whenever possible, doctor, dental, and other appointments are to be made after Academy hours. An ­excuse must be written for appointments during school hours.

A written excuse signed by the parent or guardian must be provided for any tardiness.

Health Office

The Health Office located in the main office is open during the school day to address health needs that may arise and is staffed by a registered nurse.

Medical Regulations

An up-to-date medical record of each student shall be maintained and kept on file at the Academy. A medical screening is conducted each summer. In addition, a physical examination is required at the beginning of kindergarten, first, third, seventh, and ninth grades. A physical exam is provided by the Academy in August of each year for these grades and for all students ­enrolled in athletic programs. All students must be inoculated in accordance with ­government regulations and a record of ­immunizations must be supplied by the parent or guardian.

Internal Medication

The administration, teachers, or nurse cannot legally diagnose, prescribe or treat students medically except for emergency first aid. If a student requires medication during school hours, the following procedure is used:
  1. The parent or guardian must notify the Academy in writing of any medication to be taken by the student.
  2. All prescription drugs or medicines must be accompanied by a written order from your doctor stating the method of dispensing.
  3. We cannot and will not dispense drugs, which are not prescribed by a doctor. This means we will not give any over-the-counter drugs without written instructions from a physician.
  4. All medication must be deposited at and dispensed through the Health Office.
Emergency School Closing

When it becomes necessary to close the Academy due to inclement weather, it will be announced over radio stations WSYR and WHEN-AM, WMHR-FM and television stations WIXT, WSYR, and WTVH. Please do not call the Academy.

Registration Procedure

Registration for all students is in March at a date designated by the Administrator. A child must be 5 years old on September 1st to register for kindergarten. A birth certificate and current immunization records are to be presented at the time of registration. New registrants to the Academy may register at any time. Children of all ethnic groups are ­welcome at the Living Word Academy.

Admissions Procedure

To be admitted to the Living Word Academy, a parent or guardian must do the following:
  • Make an appointment to have an ­interview with the principal.
  • Complete a registration form along with other forms if one’s child or children are admitted to the school.
  • Arrange tuition payments with the bookkeeping department located in the high school.

Busing is available through your school district of residence if you live within a 15 mile radius of the Academy.
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