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Living Word Academy

Academic Information

Report Cards

The school year is divided into four marking periods for the purpose of ­evaluating student progress and ­reporting to parents. Report cards are distributed during the following months: November, January, April, June.

Testing Program

  • The following tests are administered during the school year:
  • NYS English Language Arts ­­ Test – Grade 4
  • NYS Mathematics Test – Grade 4
  • NYS Science Test – Grade 4
  • NYS English Language Arts Test – Grade 8
  • NYS Mathematics Test – Grade 8
  • NYS Science Test – Grade 8
  • NYS Earth Science Regents Exam – Grade 9
  • NYS Global Studies Regents Exam – Grade 10
  • NYS Biology Regents Exam – Grade 10
  • NYS English Language Arts ­Regents Exam – Grade 11
  • NYS History and Government ­Regents Exam – Grade 11
  • NYS Chemistry or Physics Regents Exam – Grades 11 and 12
Academic Intervention Services

Students who are not successful on the achievement tests we administer or the NYS assessments or who are "at risk" of not being successful, are ­provided additional academic support in our ­Title 1 program located in the Resource Room. Student progress in the classroom is continually monitored throughout the school year.

Special Education Program

Students who are classified by a Committee on Special Education as having some type of learning disability are serviced in our Resource Room. ­Students who require special services ­beyond our capabilities are referred to their district of residence for assistance.

Promotion Policy

Promotion is based on a student ­successfully completing the ­academic standards at a grade level or in a ­prescribed course of study. Retaining a student is a difficult decision and is recommended after careful review and in consultation with parents and ­classroom teachers.


The responsibility for scholastic achievement is placed on each student at the Academy. The teaching staff makes every effort to maintain a proper balance in homework assignments. If a child comes home with 6 hours of homework, chances are he/she has not scheduled study time properly or made good use of Academy time. Parents should check with their children on a regular basis to determine what assignments are being given and to help establish good study skills at home.

Types of Diplomas

Regents Honors Diploma Requirements
  1. Principal’s Recommendation
  2. Minimum of 28.5 high school credits.
  3. Final average 90.0 or above each year in high school
  4. Successful completion of Regents-level courses including the Regents exam in the following:
    • Earth Science
    • Biology
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Algebra
    • Global Studies
    • U.S. History & Government
    • Comprehensive English
    • Algebra II/Trigonometry
    • Geometry
  5. Successful completion of foreign language
    (3 year sequence; no longer Regents)
Regents Diploma Requirements

Minimum 26 high school credits Must pass the following Regents exams:
  • Global Studies
  • English
  • 1 Math
  • US History
  • 1 Science
Local Diploma Requirements

Only students classified as having a disability who obtain a grade of 55-64 on above stated 5 Regents or pass the RCT (Regents Competency Test).

College Entrance Exams

PSAT/NMSQT (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test/National Merit Scholarship Test)

The PSAT is usually taken in the fall of the junior year (October).

The PSAT measures critical reading, math problem-solving, and writing skills.

The score is entered in the National Merit Scholarship Competition.

The fee varies each year.

SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test).

The SAT is usually taken in the spring of the junior year. There are several test dates between October and June.

The SAT measures verbal, math and writing skills and is used by colleges to review applications and offer ­scholarships.

The fee varies each year.

ACT (American College Testing Program)

The ACT is also taken in the spring of the junior year.

There are 4 test dates between October and June.

The ACT, unlike the SAT, measures knowledge and achievement of what a student has learned over his/her school career.

Most colleges accept the ACT in lieu of the SAT.

The fee varies each year.
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