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About the Church

The Meeting Hall

Since its inception, it has
been the desire of Living Word
Church to pattern itself after
the New Testament Churches of the
Bible. These Churches were not dead as
a result of being filled with sin, compromise,
and no spiritual strength. Rather, they moved in the power of the Holy Ghost and allowed the gifts of the Spirit to flow without being hindered, while doing all things decently and in order. Likewise, we at Living Word have decided that if this biblically sound doctrine was good enough for the early Church, then we also should strive to pattern ourselves after such examples of the Bible.

At the Family Worship Center, there is great emphasis placed on seeking the Lord and magnifying His Word, while allowing the Holy Spirit to do His work of ministering to hungry, needy souls. When the Spirit of God is not quenched, but allowed to have access to an individual's heart, wondrous results occur. As a result, it is not uncommon to see people getting saved, filled with the Holy Ghost, or even healed of diseases and infirmities.

In addition to taking time out to worship our Lord and Savior, we take time out to present the Word of God in a way that is always pertinent to the situations and circumstances of everyday life today. The truths of the Bible still hold as true and as relevant for today's world as they did when they were first written. We are not ashamed to present God's Word as infallible truth, because in it are the words of eternal life.

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