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About the Church

The Lobby

When thinking of important
features to include in a
Church building, the main lobby
may not necessarily be the first
thing that a person would think about.
However, it is a different story at our Church.
Much thought and consideration was put into how our present one should look.

Typically, at Living Word Church, Saints congregate both before and after meeting times. While in most places, people are in a hurry to get in and get out of Church as quickly as possible, it is different with us. The brethren view one another as family and as a result have very close-knit friendships with one another. This is why they look forward to spending as much time as possible with other Saints.

In our former building, the lobby was so narrow, that fellowshipping was difficult and always congested. For this reason, the lobby in the present building was purposely designed to be quite spacious and accommodating so that Saints can enjoy one another's company in a more comfortable setting. (One thing hasn't changed though: we still have to sometimes be told when to go home!)

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