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About the Church

The Living Word Store

The Living Word Store provides
Bibles and study aids at a
reasonable cost and is completely
run by volunteers who are dedicated
and committed to providing sound, biblically
based material that is free from error and confusion.
Books, music, and merchandise carried in the store are screened, whenever possible, to provide materials that are doctrinally accurate and edifying to the reader or listener.

Whether browsing before or after a regular assembly meeting, one is sure to find a wide variety of items including Christian literature and music for people of all ages, school supplies, greeting cards, framed prints, and other fairly priced merchandise. Products are priced almost at cost, with a very minimal mark-up. The store now also features a table where Saints can hand make craft items to be sold to help benefit the Church's ministry in India.

In addition to purchasing Bibles and other related materials, one may also purchase copies of the Church's sermons. Volunteer staff is available after meetings to make duplicate CDs of the Word preached that day or evening. They keep a file of all previous messages, which can be duplicated at any time, for use in studying or as a means of reaching out to unsaved family and friends. The New Testament is also available in an audio version, recorded by one of the Church brethren.

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