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The India Connection

Over the years, the Church of the Living Word has expanded its efforts beyond the Syracuse community in an effort to help many people overseas that have been in physical, financial, and spiritual need. As a Church, we want to do our part in helping to spread The Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord commanded His disciples to go out into every portion of the world to share the Gospel message (see Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15-18, Luke 24:46-48, and Acts 1:8). Our hope is that as we are able to assist those in other nations, they in turn will be able to carry the Gospel "to the uttermost part of the earth."

Initially, in the mid 1980´s, our outreach effort was aiding a native Church of Spirit-filled believers in Paraguay. Then came assistance to the suffering (and sometimes persecuted) Church in the Ukraine. Now, through an almost uncanny bit of Holy Ghost timing, Living Word Church is busily engaged in its most significant missions outreach yet...the India Connection.

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