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The India Connection

Farewell to Our Friends

The three week long trip flew by, and soon the time was drawing near for the Singhs to leave. But before they left, they asked if they could cook an Indian lunch for the students at the Academy. What a treat! The supplies were bought, and the next morning, the work began. Red tomatoes and green squash were sliced and diced. Yellow sauces were simmering in our huge metal pots. White rice was prepared. Meanwhile, Sis. Singh patiently deep-fried over 100 chapatties-which are thin, flat baked breads that resemble soft tortillas.

Usually, the Singhs prepare food for their students over an open fire or in a clay oven called a tandor. But, here they were pleased to use our gas-powered stoves. Finally, a bowl of eye-popping hot, green chili peppers was set out and lunch was ready. The students and teachers devoured the meal, and there was nothing left at the end. Everything had been eaten.

Wednesday night was the last Church service before they were to fly out on Thursday. That night, the Singhs said their many thanks for the hospitality they were shown and we all prayed for them. We prayed that God would give them a safe trip home, that He would strengthen them, protect them, and help their ministry to grow. With the song, "The blessing of the Lord be upon you," we sent them off.

Though they are not here to help us to remember the great need in India, we don't ever want to forget. During the three weeks the Singhs were here, we were able to see things from a different point of view. We have a better appreciation for things like our shoes, our food, our clothes and most of all, our freedom to worship Jesus Christ. Before they visited, we took those things for granted. Even though the Singhs would not be there in person, they've remained in our hearts.

We were able to send them home with several thousand dollars, but more would be needed. The bare minimum needed to provide food and shelter for 50 students and orphans in India is $12,000 per year.

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