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The India Connection

Help for the Needy

Before their visit, water was hand-drawn from a stream 300 meters from the Church, filtered through a bed sheet and boiled for drinking. The children slept on the concrete floor and did not even have shoes for their feet. Meals were once or twice a day and not very nutritious. Some students didn't even own a Bible. They all shared the same bar of soap. The building was in sore disrepair and their credit account with creditors nearby had reached its limit. The first check sent was used to repair the Children's Home, install a fan in the dormitory and buy food, vessels for cooking and eating, and sandals for the children. One little girl was so excited that she kept her shoes in the box, taking them out only on special occasions. The day that Bro. Singh took the children into town to buy the shoes, he also bought them ice cream. We received a picture of the children. They were so excited that their faces were shining. They all sent their thanks.

After the first check was cashed, our Church held an auction; selling off donated articles such as paintings, computer software, sailing trips, fishing lessons and more. Another check for a couple thousand dollars was then sent. Shortly thereafter, the high school students at Living Word Academy performed a play. All proceeds from the drama and most of the money that they had saved to go on their senior trip were given, at their suggestion, to the Church in India.

Thankful children from the orphanage
pose with their new shoes.

Bro. Singh stays in contact with our pastors via e-mail, sending them updates and pictures of the progress. Some other things that have been done so far: debts have been paid off, the buildings have been fully repaired, mattresses have been made, tables, chairs, notebooks, and study books have been purchased, salaries of teachers and newly sent out preachers have been paid, and bunks have been built so the children can sleep on cots instead of the floor. Also, the children receive three meals a day.

One picture we received showed one lone blue pipe that was laid in the dirt. The caption below explained that water was now being pumped in, instead of hand-carried. They now own cows for milk and meat and chickens for eggs. Each child receives an egg each day for protein. Also the quality of nutritious food and size of the meals have increased, with three meals each week consisting of meat.

Some of the children being cared for in the orphanage of the Singhs' ministry.

Now children are being brought to the orphanage not only by other Church leaders, but by government servants and social workers. After the initial funds were received from us, the orphanage expanded to include forty children in two centers would soon be housing seventy in three centers. The school superintendent how had a second-hand bicycle to use for trips into town. The number of students entering the school quickly doubled, with students coming as far away as China.

On April 3, 2000, the school graduated 21 young men and sent them out to preach the Gospel. Every day their lives are in danger. There is an organized effort by militants to kill preachers and destroy any Churches that are built, but the saints are willing to lay down their lives to see God's Word spread. Shortly after the Singhs' return to India, one of the pastors was badly beaten and some sisters raped by a militant Hindi group.

Carrying water in from the closest stream 300 meters away!

Bro. Singh explained that the need was still very great. He and his wife traveled up into the mountains, wading through rivers of water chest high, to a remote area where a group of believers were fasting three days in their desire for the Lord to send someone to preach the Gospel. The eternal potential for each graduate is tremendous. Their spiritual needs are being met, but their physical needs are still very great.

Our pastors assured the Singhs that our assistance would be a long-term commitment, lasting for years. Besides giving monetary support and prayer, several children were even adopted by Church members. In Psalm 68:5, the Lord promises to be a father to the fatherless and to set the solitary in families. These young children were able to experience that first-hand.

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