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The India Connection

The Lord Answers Prayer

The next day, his friend asked him to help send an e-mail message, because he was not very good with computers. After they sent the e-mail, a slogan "Search the Web" appeared on the side. He decided to type in "churches." Well, there were over 120,000 matches. Then he tried "Pentecostal churches", which narrowed the search down to a few thousand. "Oh my," he said, "there were so many different Churches." But then he noticed the name, "Living Word." Finding a Church with the focus on the Word of God caught his interest. So he visited the site and thus began the "India Connection."

He found that here was a Church in another part of the world agreeing spiritually with the same things he believed and had the "guts" to say it boldly on their web page. He studied the history and beliefs. He saw the dress code and standard for the Academy and was very encouraged. He decided to write a letter to our pastors. When our pastor received it, he said he just couldn't put it down. So they began corresponding over the internet. Bro. Singh sent information about their ministry and doctrinal beliefs. Eventually, our pastors invited him to come visit us in America.

Unfortunately, India has begun limiting passports and visas for its people. It is trying to restrict travel to stop the educated from leaving and settling elsewhere. Just to get a visa for himself, and a passport and visa for his wife would be a miracle. It should have taken months just to get his wife's passport. After being told by all the authorities that it would be impossible to get these, he was referred to the regional passport office.

The man he had to see was Hindu and had the name of a Hindu god. He thought it was all over, knowing that the letter he bore was from a Christian Church inviting him to come for a Christian purpose. His heart was broken. But amazingly the man waived all fees and they were able to collect the passport the next day! Two days later, at the American consulate, Bro. Singh was eagerly awaiting his turn at the ticket counter. Ahead of him, a student was rejected from going to America for study, a doctor's mother was rejected from going to help her child prepare for a wedding, and an old man was denied passage to America to visit his brother. Next in line was Bro. Singh. When he reached the counter, everyone went to coffee break.

Meanwhile, Bro. Singh turned to his wife and said, "Let's not pray that we'll get the visa, but just praise God that we got it!" Upon the return of the workers, he was questioned thoroughly. But by 3:00 pm, he was able to pick up their visas, which allowed them multiple entries into the U.S. for extended periods of time.

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