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The India Connection

America: A Strange, New World

Their plane trip was over 24 hours long. But finally, they landed in New York City. Bro. Singh said, "When we stepped out of the plane, everything was white. Hallelujah! The Lord fulfilled the vision that he gave my wife." A thin blanket of snow, which neither of them had ever seen before, covered the ground. Thus, the Singhs' first visit to our Church in Syracuse, New York, began. Once the Singhs had rested, our pastors began showing them around.

Many things were amazing and were foreign to them. Coming from a land where water is scarce, they were delighted to be able to bath daily in a clean, white bathtub (which they did very often-up to three times daily). Even the soft plush bed they were given was a wonder. They took pictures of it to bring home and show their congregation. Things we take for granted every day, were counted as luxuries. Cars and trucks were everywhere. Roadways were easily accessible. Food was in abundance in our many supermarkets. What a different culture they were visiting. Yet, Bro. Charles said, "When I came into the Church, I felt at home. I did not feel like a stranger, but like a member of the family."

The Singhs were very interested in visiting our Christian academy and did so every day for over a week. They saw the Lord's work here in Syracuse and were very encouraged. Bro. Singh shared the Word in the high school and elementary chapels. This was a wonderful chance for the children to have their many questions answered. Questions ranged from, "How big are the snakes in India?" to, "What difficulties do you encounter when sharing the Gospel in your country?" Bro. Singh answered each question kindly. And one could not help but notice the love that the Singhs showed to the children.

Bro. Singh also shared the Word in Church several times. Along with his testimony, he encouraged the brethren, saying, "Many are called, few are chosen, but how many are faithful?" His messages were a reminder to us of all we have been given and all we are responsible for. One blessing we had was when we saw the pictures that Bro. Singh brought from the Church services they conduct in India. Despite our many cultural differences, we noticed that our worship was the same. We all lift our hands to the Lord and kneel in prayer to him. Also, we were blessed to see pictures of the orphans, students and college grounds.

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